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Postcard Services Is Now Direct Mail Manager
What does this mean? 2 years ago Postcard Services developed Direct Mail Manager to streamline the way our direct mail customers work. It was met with so much success that we have decided to focus on strictly direct mail. Try it, you will love it! All the links on this site will now take you to

Easy As 1-2-3! Create Artwork. Choose List. Launch Your Campaign.
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Postcard Services Is Now Direct Mail Manager is our new print partner for all orders. Not only do they print all of the Direct Mail Manager jobs, they can handle any type of print or direct mail project you may have! You call them direct at 866.930.6118 to get started. All orders that are not sent through the system will need to be ordered here.

CLICK HERE to order online or call Customer Support at 866.930.6118.

The Complete System For Direct Mail Marketing

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Email is a great tool, but the volume of email continues to grow and your offers get lost. The email marketing response rates continue to drop while postcard direct mail has enjoyed its highest response numbers in years! Our feature-rich direct mail tools put your business on the fast-track to marketing success!

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Direct Mail Manager provides businesses with the ability to easily produce highly effective, targeted direct mail with SaaS postcard marketing tools. Create postcard campaigns and direct mail marketing with free postcard design and direct mail postcards.