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At Postcard Services we differ from other printers. We are also software developers. We develop tools for our customers to streamline direct mail and print buying. Below are some samples of our tools. If you would like more information please contact us at 1-888-274-7815.

Current Integrations M3 2ndShot Mail

We Also Integrate Our Software

We integrate our software with many popular CRM, Financial and Ecommerce software providers. Why not integrate the power of Direct Mail Marketing into your software? Call us for more information.

Current Integrations

Our API For Developers

Attention Developers! Now you can offer automated direct mail to your customers or integrate with your website, web app or software. Our API allows you to carry over many of the items available in our Campaign Management area. Only programmers need apply since API Integrations can be serious stuff, but we have made our API simple and powerful. CLICK HERE for more info. - Creating Direct Mail Marketing Experts. is an On-Demand Direct Mail Web App that will make you a direct mail marketing expert. It provides you with the ability to easily produce highly effective, targeted direct mail. Integrated directly with popular CRM, Financial and Ecommerce software, the system gives you access to advanced direct mail reporting tools including USPS tracking, ROI Reports, A/B Marketing Testing and there is no minimum quantity requirement.

With no minimum requirements, extremely affordable pricing and trackable reporting, this system is a perfect marketing tool for your business. The highest quality, full color, UV coated postcards are printed and mailed, first class, within 48 hours.  The integrations to CRM, Financial and Ecommerce software allows for simple list importing and advanced marketing reporting that provides in-depth direct mail campaign analysis. turns you into a direct mail marketing expert.

Try Direct Mail Manager 30 Days For FREE!CLICK HERE - Real Estate Marketing Made Easy.

DirectMailManager.comRealtors need direct mail as part of a balanced marketing formula. Until now there were multiple steps to produce quality direct mail. Hire a graphic designer, print the postcards and then mail. In this fast paced real estate market, realtors need to be more agile. has100s of professionally designed templates specifically for the real estate industry. For Sale, Just Sold/Listed and real estate farming designs are all at your fingertips. Just fill out one form and see all of the templates filled out automatically with you information, photos, headshot and logos. Then you can upload or purchase a list and mail. It is that simple.

The Google Map based list tools at allow realtors to pinpoint there mailings by neighborhood and by radius. Just listed a house in neighborhood "X"? Pinpoint that neighborhood on the map and send a postcard to the people who will spread the word the fastest, neighbors! Click the button below to visit and start controlling your direct mail like never before.

Realtors need direct mail, visit RealtyPostcard.comCLICK HERE - Marketing, Booking, Profiting

DirectMailManager.comSeminar marketing can be tedious for even the most seasoned financial, insurance or home services veteran. To focus on just the seminar can be difficult by itself, getting people to fill the seats shouldn't be. takes seminar marketing to the ultimate level. Starting with our Google Map based list tools, you can pinpoint the perfect seminar attendees then find the best location to present. Our direct mail packages include postcards and envelope/letter designs that are sure to attract attendees.

But our system doesn't stop there! After the mail is sent your event is entered onto your online calendar and attached to our booking system. Every mail piece has a Confirmation code and when you or you can center enters it, it pulls up the attendees name and address automatically for booking. We even have a self booking feature that uses a link or a QR code.

Focus on your seminar presentation and let handle the marketing, and watch your attendance and profits rise!

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M3 - It's Web To Print To Mail.

We call our software M3. M3 is a Marketing Mailing Management tool that brings together a suite of professional grade direct mail and printing tools for users of all sizes. Whether you're a sophisticated call center, franchiser, a large multi-national, or a small business, M3 has the easy-to-use tools you need to reach your target market quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

M3 Web To Print To Mail

M3 Mailing Marketing Management

Core features can be modified to suit your business model.

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Turn a "No" Into a "YES!" with 2ndShot

2ndShot MailWhat if there was a proven system that empowers a contact/call center to significantly increase its customers' overall conversion rate? Would your customers be interested in boosting ROI using innovative tools in addition to more traditional methodologies? Of course they would! That's why we took a different approach to solving the ROI challenge.

As any sales pro knows, a customer "no" is just another opportunity to re-inform the buyer.

No news there. But when all the scripting and CSR training has been done, how does a contact center translate the salesman's old adage into modern day action both for their own benefit and that of their customers? With a little modern marketing alchemy – that's how!

Meet 2nd Shot Mail™ - a complete "back end add on" for contact/call centers.

2nd Shot Mail ChartBy utilizing the same electronic data already typically received by contact/call centers, the proprietary 2nd Shot Mail™ system automatically generates a pre-determined, rules-driven follow-up campaign designed to communicate with and close hot prospects before they "cool off". It literally gives the contact/call centers' customer a 2nd shot at keeping a market opportunity alive – hence the name "2nd Shot Mail™"

2nd Shot Mail™ works quietly in the background

on behalf of the contact/call center to integrate a variety of critical technological and marketing requirements. The system seamlessly comprises data export management, machine-to-machine (M2M) data integration, automated collateral selection, almost immediate digital printing and can even use variable data to personalize the direct mail marketing initiative – all while the prospect (caller) is still "hot". Think "digital print on demand driven by data tied to bulk mailing". And think "fast".

2nd Shot Mail Diagram

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