Variable Data

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable-data printing (VDP) is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. For example, a set of personalized postcards, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each postcard.

Variable data printing enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology on our HP Indigo presses, as opposed to the 'mass-production' of a single document using traditional printing methods. Instead of producing 10,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing could print 10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer.

How does VDP help me?

The returns for variable printing vary from double the normal return at the basic level to 10-15 times the return for fully variable jobs. This naturally depends on content and the relevancy of that content, but the technique presents an effective tool for increasing ROI on marketing campaigns.

Typical response rates for static communication (traditional print) range from .5%-2%. With VDP and one-to-one marketing, businesses have the advantage of generating a much higher response rate, typically ranging from 10%-15%.

Below are just a few examples of VDP possibilities that can lead you to profitability.

Please note: you don't need extensive data to get real results. Creative use of variable text and images can produce scores of possibilities, even when all you have are names and addresses. Start with the data you have, and then use personalized URLs (PURLs) and/or loyalty programs to gather more data, building richer messages for greater ROI over time.

1. Personalize their offer and reward their loyalty.

Add unique messages to each individual recipient's needs. Create a loyalty program, or optimize the one you have.

VDP Sample 1

Variable data:
  1. Recipient name
  2. Total offer value
  3. Number of coupons
  4. Discount
  5. Offer details

2. Customize the cross-sell and learn more about your customers.

Match offers to your customer's past purchase behavior. And use personalized URLs to gather even more data.

VDP Sample 2

Variable data:
  1. Recipient name
  2. Customer category
  3. Customer need
  4. Background image
  5. Customer need
  6. PURL
  7. Division

3. Make customer service even more customer-friendly.

You can vary each piece's content 100% — so you provide the most personalized experience, even when you're not in person.

VDP Sample 3

Variable data:
  1. Recipient name
  2. Product type
  3. Expiration date
  4. Model number
  5. Serial number
  6. Phone/extension number
  7. Rep name
  8. Rep signature
  9. Background image

How does Postcard Services provide VDP?

Out HP Indigo presses allow us to offer any of our customers, from small to large, the ability to create VDP mailings and increase their ROI. Not all printers offer this service and not all that offer the service end up with a printed piece of the same quality that Postcard Services does.

HP Indigo Printing Press

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